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Staff of the Month

Update ImageWe are excited to announce the March Staff of the Month, Mark Pacini! This dedicated employee works as the college’s housing coordinator, and is appreciated around campus by many for keeping college homes in good repair.

“He is one of the hardest working men I know of on campus,” says Dale Withers (a previous Staff of the Month recipient). “He tries his very best to keep everyone in college housing happy. We all know it’s hard to serve two masters, but how many people live in our housing? He takes calls day or night. Somehow he always has kind words for me and a smile. He is a giver in the truest sense of the word.”

And from Holly Jeske:

Who fixes everything when your home’s falling apart?
Who works with students and shows them his heart?
Who answers calls in the middle of the night?
Who handles irate folks without even a fight?
Who brings his cell on vacation just in case?
Who lives and breathes to show you Jesus’ face?
Mark Pacini of the Housing Department!

English and Honors

In March, Georgina Hill, professor of English and director of the Honors Program, attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis. She attended sessions about online writing instruction, characteristics of science writing, and integrating technology into writing instruction.  Presenters frequently noted the differences between “digital natives” and “digital immigrants.”  Listening to a graduate instructor talk about her successes with class discussions conducted through tweets, clearly identified Hill as a digital immigrant—her students needn’t worry about that innovation in her classes. Overall the conference was “rejuvenating,” says Hill, “I was back in my professional home.” After being so immersed in the Honors program, she enjoyed the few days focused on research and practice about rhetoric and writing. 

Facilities Management

The landscape department has begun a project to resurface the PUC soccer field, which will be closed until mid-August.  Facilities Management requests your help in keeping everyone off the field during this time so no damage to the field takes place.

Leif Aaen, the Waterworks, Signs, Locks, and Keys Manager, is leaving the facilities team on May 2.  We want to wish him all blessings in his new career.  As always, make sure to turn in all sign requests in a School Dude work order from the PUC website so your request is not missed.

Psychology and Social Work

Greg Schneider was guest speaker for the Healdsburg, Calif., Seventh-day Adventist Church during its annual retreat at PUC’s Albion Retreat and Learning Center, presenting a two-part talk on Friday evening and Sabbath morning on “The Forms of the Spirit and the Bonds of Trust.”  The talks offered insight into the benefit of rituals, and the meaning of “principalities and powers of this world” to rethink traditional images of “worldliness” and warn about the dangers of false purity.  He also gave two short talks on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  He is grateful to the Healdsburg church family for the warmth and kindness with which they received him and his ideas.


The department of religion hosted more than 25 religion faculty from Canadian Adventist University College, Walla Walla University, La Sierra University and Loma Linda University at the annual meeting of the West Coast Bible Teachers Meeting on April 4-6.

At the meeting, Ross Winkle gave a half-hour presentation on his dissertation, entitled “‘Clothes Make the [One Like a Son of] Man:’ Dress Imagery in Revelation 1 as an Indicator of High Priestly Status,” on Saturday, April 5.

Residence Life

Robert Kurtz will be speaking on the future of religion on May 10 in Piedmont, Calif., at the Transhuman Visions conference on Religion and Transhumanism. 

After working at Pacific Union College for the past nine years, it is with deep and abiding affection for the school and all of its great people that Robert is announcing retirement from his service as men’s dean at the end of summer.  Saybrook University has admitted him to their Ph.D. in Psychology program, specializing in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health.  He will continue serving as Adjunct Professor, next teaching philosophy during winter quarter of 2015.

Visual Arts

Rajeev Sigamoney’s film, Jesus People, which he wrote and produced in 2009, began a limited 10-city theatrical run on April 11. The film is also available via video on demand (you can find it on iTunes!).  Read the review by LA Weekly. Broad Way World provides this synopsis: “The story charts the rise and fall of America's worst Christian pop band, Cross My Heart. When Pastor Jerry (Joel McCrary from BEST IN SHOW) gets possibly awful medical news he is determined to reach his rebellious teen son while he still can. He finds four young musicians with varying levels of talent and their first single "Save The World" takes off on multiple (and some unexpected) radio formats just as the band starts to unravel.”

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