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April Birthdays

  • 04/03 Haruka Ito Biology
  • 04/05 Kent Davis Chemistry
  • 04/06 Dennis Donovan Facilities Management
  • 04/09 Juan Balderas ITSS
  • 04/10 Mark Pacini Student Housing
  • 04/12 Ashley Betancourt Facilities Management
  • 04/12 Tim de la Torre Visual Arts
  • 04/12 Dominga Velazquez Discoveryland St. Helena
  • 04/12 Ruth Zemansky Nursing
  • 04/16 Stephen Scott Aviation
  • 04/18 Howard Munson History
  • 04/18 Mary Simons Health Services
  • 04/21 Igdaly Patel Enrollment
  • 04/21 Miguel Irula Custodial
  • 04/29 Peter Adeogun Aviation
  • 04/29 Candice Carstens Student Services
  • 04/30 Denise Grant Women’s Dorm

May Birthdays

  • 05/01 Kathleen Floodman Market
  • 05/02 Marie Pak Chemistry
  • 05/02 Leo Ranzolin Religion
  • 05/03 Bradley Kirk Facilities Management
  • 05/03 Nancy Lecourt Academic Dean
  • 05/05 Chuck Evans Exercise Science
  • 05/06 Brian Atkins Public Safety
  • 05/07 Doug Wilson Campus Center
  • 05/08 J.R. Rogers Enrollment
  • 05/08 Elaine Ferguson Weston Copy Center
  • 05/10 Isidro Valdes, Sr. Accounting
  • 05/11 Lester De Guzman Accounting
  • 05/11 Gabriel Lanuza Public Safety
  • 05/11 Rico Mundy ITSS
  • 05/14 Myron Widmer Religion
  • 05/15 Leif Aaen Facilities Management
  • 05/21 Elisabeth A Reeves Chemistry
  • 05/22 Norman Knight Outreach Chaplain
  • 05/22 Judy Ness Counseling Center
  • 05/23 Thomas Saulsbury Facilities Management
  • 05/23 Getenet Taglo Trash Management
  • 05/25 Bruce Bainum Psychology and Social Work
  • 05/25 Fabio Maia Service, Justice, and Missions
  • 05/29 Aubyn Fulton Psychology and Social Work
  • 05/29 Gregory Schneider Psychology and Social Work


Denise Grant has a bucket list to visit all 58 national parks, and since moving to PUC has added five more to her list, bringing her to a total of 34.  She most recently visited the Channel Islands National Park off the coast of Ventura, Calif., during spring break.  She enjoyed seeing the many endemic species of plants and animals on the islands, which were in full bloom with spring flowers.

Update ImageIgdaly Patel, one of PUC’s enrollment counselors, and her husband Taariq, a Theology major at PUC, have expanded their family! Ishmael Ebrahim Patel was born on March 23 at 8:55pm. He was 7lbs. 6oz. and 21 inches at birth. Congratulations to Igdaly and Taariq!


Our question was:  “We all know April showers bring May flowers.  What springtime blossom do you most look forward to seeing?”

“Lilacs!  Wish we had more of them around campus.”—Bonnie Anderson, Accounting

“Hyacinths:  I love the smell of these early blooming flowers.”—Denise Grant, Residence Life

“California poppies and roses!”—Denise Lee-Haye, Chemistry

Update Image“One of the earliest is the camellia. February brings the annual camellia judging competition to Napa’s Senior Center.  PUC (along the café building) has blossoms that would seemingly do quite well, although ours may come a bit late due to our altitude.”—David Vye, ITSS (Dave also provided the Azalea photo you see here)

Update Image“I really enjoy seeing the shooting stars, as they always make me think of my mom and how excited she gets when she sees them.  The forget-me-nots outside my office in Graf Hall are also very cute and cheerful.”—Cammie Wheeler, Public Relations

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