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Progress | May 2010

May 2010

By Eirene-Gin Nakamura

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"I'm really not very interesting," says Professor Lary Taylor wearily. "I like sports." I chuckle. Professors here are always so modest.

As I bend down to take a seat, I notice a hockey puck with "PUC" written across its face. PUC? Hockey? Apparently the shock pushes me to express my confusion out loud.

Lary laughs. "There used to be a lot of Canadians up here." Ah, now that would explain it. He elaborates, telling me about PUC's pick-up team that would rent out the ice rink in Santa Rosa to play a little hockey on the weekends. Lary puts his hand on his forehead in disbelief. "Will you believe, back then, it only cost 25 dollars to take over the entire ice!" He just jumped up notches in this hockey hooligan's book!

The business professor, clearly a sportsman in his appearance, has been involved in pretty much every intramural sport PUC has ever offered. His tall stature and athletic build made him an asset on every team with whom he's played. Baseball, basketball, slow-pitch, fishing, volleyball, hockey, you name it; he's played it. He has even run two marathons "just to see if I could."

Though he insists that age has stripped him of his agility and keeps him from playing his personal favorite, basketball, it has not slowed Lary down all that much. He runs three to four miles three to four times a week, and is looking forward to when he and fellow professors Steve Waters and Floyd Hayes get a team together led by baseball guru Keith Neergaard to play intramural baseball. "I love baseball!" he exclaims. "I'm playing ‘til I can't play anymore!"

Colleagues & Departments

Jess Smith has joined the Office of Alumni & Advancement as advancement coordinator and she will be responsible for assisting with both alumni relations and annual giving. Jess is a '10 PUC grad who completed her courses in March and is now full-time at the office. Pam Sadler reports that Jess will "help engage younger alumni in PUC today, and increase PUC’s visibility with social networking. Jess has already attended The Fundraising School, and wants to pursue professional fundraising as a career so having her join the PUC team as an advocate and relationship builder for the college is exciting."

On April 30, Napa County District 3 supervisor candidate Michael Haley provided a Q&A session about the challenges of getting your message out to your target audience, the ups and downs of fundraising, and journalism/media issues for Michelle Rai's Fundraising class.

Computer Science
Bruce Ivey and Robert Ordonez attended the 41st Association for Computing Machinery Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education in March. Robert reports they were "inspired by hearing how other CS educators tackle the challenges our field faces in working to ignite the spark in students and give them a solid foundation in key concepts. We also got to see and hear about the latest technologies and techniques being used in CS education." Robert is also teaching a pilot online Introduction to Computer Science course for academy students. It's starting small with four students from Napa Christian and Redwood, and next year may expand as far as Rio Lindo, MBA, and Loma Linda. The course is very hands-on and they meet online once a week for lecture and discussion.

Mei Ann Teo presented at the Arts in the One World conference at Brown University. Her topic was "Rebuilding from Within: Mitigating Fundamentalism in the Seventh Day Adventist Bubble through Theatre." Her show, Lyrics from Lockdown, continued its national tour in Boston (Harvard/MIT) and Houston.

Modern Languages
Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti spoke about Christian higher education to a group of 50 young women at the Northern California Conference Hispanic Women’s Ministries Retreat held at Leoni Meadows, March 26-28.

In April, Asher Raboy had a concert that was made up entirely of his own compositions — including a world premiere of a new tone poem. The concert was with the Napa Valley Symphony at Lincoln Theater. Afterward, some of Asher's PUC students and colleagues had a chance to come on stage and meet the piano soloist.

Tonya Kamaloni has joined the nursing department as the pre-nursing advising coordinator. In addition to advising students, Tonya will assist in other functions to support the nursing department. In April, Debra Winkle was made Honorary Commander of the 60th Medical Group Inpatient Operations Squadron. This Squadron is part of the 60th Air Mobility Wing, which is the host unit at Travis Air Force Base and the largest air mobility organization in the USAF. At the Commander's Call, Debra was presented with the Squadron Flag and Commander's Pin by Col. Lynne Taylor of the USAF, and welcomed to the squadron with a standing ovation. Debra took the opportunity to both thank Col. Taylor and the USAF for their support of PUC nursing and also to spread the word about the opportunities available through PUC for med-techs and RNs to further their education.

Professors Charlene Bainum, Bruce Bainum, and Aubyn Fulton; contract teacher Christian von Pohle; and 16 PUC students attended the Western Psychological Association convention in Cancun, Mexico, from April 22 to 25. Charlene and her students presented the following posters: "Effect of Ethnic Awareness on Job Association" (by Fabienne O. Leaf, Jessic D. R. Cerda, Lyneda P. Dew, marlin El. C. Fondevilla, Allison T. Musvosvi, Charlene K. Bainum, and Christian M. D. von Pohle) and "To Spank or Not to Spank: Immediacy Effects on Discipline" (by Steffanie Chaviano, Daniel H. Chung, Melinda M. Joseph, Ariel C. Reid, Christian M. D. von Pohle, and Charlene K. Bainum). Charlene reports that conversation and photo op with renowned psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo was a highlight for many students, along with the enjoyment of Cancun's beautiful beaches.

Student Finance
With the recent retirement of Carol Belleau, Student Finance is pleased to have Becky Evans join our team. Taking Carol's role, Becky will be a student financial services counselor working with students.