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Employee Health & Wellness

The Employee Health & Wellness Program is a vital part of the healthcare benefits offered to Pacific Union College employees. The goals are to improve employees’ health and vitality, provide a healthier work environment for all, and provide employees the opportunity to receive a partial refund of their healthcare contributions, while reducing the healthcare costs incurred by the college. Spouses and employees who are insured elsewhere are also invited and encouraged to take advantage of the program.

Click this link to access the "Health Activity Tracker" to log in your Wellness Credits, and/or to "Start a New Assessment" under the Personal Wellness Profile tab

Your Healthcare Plan Contribution + Wellness Participation = Reimbursement

Healthcare plan contributions, which fund PUC’s self-insured healthcare plan account, are deducted from employee paychecks monthly. Employees who participate in the Wellness Program may receive a reimbursement of a significant portion of their PUC healthcare plan contributions.  Those who choose the Basic Plan or the High-deductible HSA Plan receive a rebate comparable to the tiered reimbursements of those on the Standard Healthcare Plan. 

To be eligible for the rebate, follow these simple steps:  

  1.  Complete the Annual Online Assessment, aka “Personal Wellness Profile”
  2.  Meet once a year with the Wellness Coordinator to complete an in-office screening of biometrics and physical fitness level*
  3. Track your healthy lifestyle activities to accumulate 300 credits every 6-month period using the online “Health Activity Tracker.”  The Online Assessment and Health Activity Tracker are accessed through the link above, or at wellness.puc.edu.

Program Timeline

Complete the annual in-office screening and online assessment in either period 1 or 2 and within 10 to 14 months of your last screening to remain in the program.

  • June 1 – November 30 - Period 1: Participate in wellness activities & log them in
  • November 30 - Deadline for completion of 300 points for Period 1
  • December - Reimbursement through payroll  by Christmas
  • December 1 – May 31 - Period 2: Participate in wellness activities & log them in
  • May 31 - Deadline for completion of 300 points for Period 2
  • June - Reimbursement through payroll after Graduation

Employee Health & Wellness

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