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Student Finance

New Students Financial Checklist

The Financial Side of Coming to PUC

Checklist for New Students
Before you Arrive
  1. Contact PUC Student Finance and ask for a financial aid packet.
  2. Watch for your financial aid packet in the mail.
  3. Fill out and submit the FAFSA online (using the print version in your financial aid packet as a guide)
  4. Fill out these forms (found in your financial aid packet) and mail to PUC:
    • PUC Financial Aid Application
  5. Watch for your financial aid award letter from PUC.
After You Arrive
  1. Call or visit Student Finance to speak with your financial counselor.
  2. Set up a payment plan with your counselor, and make sure you're squared away on financial requirements.
  3. Make your payments according to your specific payment plan throughout the year.
  4. Meet with your financial counselor any time you have a question or run into a complication, or if your financial status changes.

Office of the Ombudsman

The Federal Student Aid Ombudsman of the federal Department of Education helps resolve disputes and solve other problems with federal student loans.