Student Finance

Expenses & Payments

The following amounts represent the estimated cost of full-time attendance:

  • 2014-2015
2014-2015 Quarter Year

Tuition (12-17.5 hours)

$9,027 $27,081

Residence Hall Rent

$1,460 $4,380

Minimum Board

$1,035 $3,105
Student Health Plan $250* $750*

Technology Fee

$100 $300


$11,872 $35,616

  • *International student rate: $400 per quarter, or $1,200 per school year.
  • Textbooks are not included in the payment plan, but may be charged to the student's account. We suggest that you budget for $500 in books each quarter.
  • Required Lab & Material fees are not included in the payment plan.
  • If less than full-time, the per unit cost is $785.
  • More than full-time, the per unit cost is $600.

Student Health Insurance

PUC provides a mandatory student health insurance plan that covers treatment both on and off campus. View the Student Health Plan for more information.

Payment Options

Three payment options are available.

  • Cash Discount: When the total cost for the quarter (tuition, room, and board) is paid in advance, the cost will be discounted 2%. Payment must be received by September 15, December 15, and March 15 to be eligible for this discount. (This discount is available only to students without need-based grants or loans.)
  • Monthly Payment Plan: You may choose to split the tuition into nine monthly payments starting September 15 and ending May 15.
  • The Tuition Guarantee Plan: Under this plan, the tuition cost in effect at the time of the first payment agreement will remain in effect until graduation, provided the student is enrolled full-time continuously (except summers) and the total estimated costs (including room and board) are paid by September 15 each year. (This discount is only available to students without need-based grants or loans.)

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Education Tax Credit

Education Tax Credit 1098-T | Download form

Find out information about your 1098-T form and how you can get taxpayer relief.

ID Cards

Student ID cards are issued by Student Finance Services and provide identification for the following purposes: Dining Commons purchases, clocking in and out of campus jobs, use of the college library, special functions on campus, identification of students for campus security purposes, and for receiving student discounts at local businesses or events.

If your Student ID is lost or stolen, please notify the Student Finance office as soon as possible so that it can be deactivated and we can issue you a new ID card. A $12 fee is charged to your student account to replace lost or stolen ID cards.