Staff of the Month

Update ImageThe latest Staff of the Month award went to Larissa Church, a PUC graduate who returned to her alma mater to work in the Enrollment department.  “Her passion for PUC is the driving force that keeps her on the road visiting schools and recruiting events on behalf of the college,” said Craig Philpott, director of admissions.  “She is never seen on campus but is doing a huge work in spreading the word for PUC.”  Coworker Dana Negro said of Larissa:  “[She] is wonderful and helpful and dedicated!  We should all be more like her.  People forget about all the work she does since she is off campus but she is an invaluable part of Enrollment.”


Tammy McGuire, professor of communication, travelled to Washington State to serve as the key speaker for Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s Faith Walk Christian Women’s One-Day Retreat, held on May 10.

Exercise Science

Elaine Neudeck was presented with the Faculty of the Year award at the April 12 Lodi Academy alumni gathering.  She taught eight years at Lodi Academy as the women’s physical education, health, and driver’s education teacher.  She considers her experience there as the most formative years of her teaching career, and greatly appreciates the support she felt at the academy from the students, parents, and faculty.

Facilities Management

The landscape staff went to an irrigation workshop on May 9 in Santa Rosa to learn about conserving water by increasing the efficiency of the irrigation systems.  They will install Solar Syncs around campus, which measure factors like sunlight and temperature, and adjust irrigation time to match what is necessary to provide water without wasting it.  The team is doing their best to conserve water in this drought.  If you notice a broken sprinkler or other water wastage, please call the Landscape Department at extension 7205.


Update ImageMaria Vance and the ITSS team report on their major wireless internet project: “Your ITSS team has been making very good progress wiring dorms and some academic areas to bring wireless to these areas. We are excited about this project. Here you have a few of pictures of some members of the team. We were getting ready to pull wire and crawl in the attic of third floor of Grainger, where there is this paper, dusty type of insulation. I am glad we had the white suits. After pulling the wire we were sweaty and itchy.”

Donning white Tyvek jump suits, Jon Falconer, Rico Mundy, and Maria Vance prepared to crawl through the attic of Grainger Hall to pull wire for the new wireless network.

Nursing and Health Sciences

Update ImagePUC participated in the 2014 AMR World CPR Challenge for Napa County on Wednesday, May 21.  Thanks to the efforts of Levi Gore and James Robertson, PUC’s emergency services program contributed 181 individuals to the county total of 754 people influenced by this endeavor!

Additionally, the Emergency Services program has added a new four-year B.S. in Emergency Services, which has an emphasis on preparing students for careers in emergency services management. You can find a posting for a new member of the Emergency Services and Nursing faculty online.

Join us in congratulating Levi Gore on graduating with his Master of Science in Nursing with Family Nurse Practitioner emphasis at Sonoma State University this month!

We extend further congratulations to nursing professor Beverly Glover, who just graduated with her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Brandman University!

Katie Schneider, a beloved professor and long-time member of the nursing department faculty, is retiring this year. In her time at PUC, she has taught nearly every nursing subject, and her students and colleagues will greatly miss her creativity and dedication.