HR: Break Time News

Annual Service Awards

Update ImageThe annual service awards were presented by the human resources office on May 20. Join us in recognizing employees who have worked for Pacific Union College for these milestone years!

5 years
Charles “Chip” Dillon
Laurie Parson
Myra Bradley
Cambria Wheeler

10 years
Roy Benton
Cheryl Daley
Rachelle Davis
Kaye Varney
Cynthia Westerbeck
Aimee Wyrick
Juan Balderas
Jonathan Bradley
Kristi Horn
Elena Maldonado
Michael Scott

15 years
Ileana Douglas
Gayln Bowers
Susan Ranzolin
Sandra Sargent
Doug Wilson

20 years
Angel Hernandez

25 years
Chuck Evans
Bryan Ness
Laurie Wheeler

30 years
Marcia Toledo
Allan Zehm

35 years
Marsha Crow

We must say goodbye this year to Katie Schneider, who is retiring.  Also leaving are Monte Butler, Alex Carpenter, Melissa Pratt, Kirt Brower, Robert Kurtz, and Heather Corona. We wish you all well!