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Update ImageProfessor of History Hilary Dickerson and her husband Joel welcomed Soren Atticus Reid Dickerson to their family in April. Soren arrived on April 16, six weeks early, at 7:24 a.m., weighing 5lbs, 12oz and measuring 18 ½ inches. Soren spent 21 days in the NICU before heading home, much to the delight of his parents and big brother Malcolm.

Update ImageNic Hubbard, PUC’s Webmaster, and his wife Emily welcomed their daughter Annabelle Lisette Hubbard on April 29 at 10:56 a.m. Annabelle arrived weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz., and measuring 19 inches. Congratulations Nic and Emily, and new brother Matthew!

Update ImageTammy McGuire and Michelle Rai are playing as members of the Crane Park 3.0 USTA tennis team in St. Helena. They play against teams in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Sebastopol.

Update ImageElisabeth Reeves traveled and sang with the Vocal Art Ensemble on a 12-day tour of England and Scotland. The group journeyed England’s eastern coast, singing in the Norwich and Lincoln cathedrals, the Queen’s Parish Church in Sandringham Estate and St. Giles in Edinburgh. The choir also performed with two local groups: the Lincoln Orpheus Male Voice Choir in Grantham and Cadenza at St. Peter’s in Edinburgh. The Vocal Art Ensemble will also participate in the SacSings! Choral Festival in June at the Harris Center in Folsom.


Our question was: “If you could go back and give your younger self advice after graduating from college, what would you say?”

“Accept challenges and failures as part of the journey, and not as your full identity. Be quick to share your difficulties with trustworthy people, and let humility open your ears to wise counsel. Know God is in the details and is with you every step of the way. Stay active in church, helping with Sabbath school, potlucks, and committees. You are valuable and needed.”—Holly Jeske, Wellness

“I would tell my younger self to make time for international travel, even if it meant spending Friday afternoons washing cars across the College Market in order to pay for it!”—Michelle Rai, Communication

“You have the rest of your life to be serious! Enjoy your 20s!”—Jennifer Tyner, Enrollment Management and Marketing

“Entertainments will lose their luster. Use that time as an ‘investment,’ not a ‘consumable.’”—David Vye, ITSS

Progress will be taking a summer hiatus, so we include the names of those having birthdays in June-September here. (Look for Progress to return with the start of the 2014-2015 school year.) Happy birthday wishes to all!

June Birthdays

Update Image 06/01 Eneida Dena Accounting
06/02 Cheryl Daley Visual Arts
06/05 Hernan Granados Men’s Dorm
06/06 Gilbert Abella Library
06/06 Joel Lutes Library
06/06 Bryan Ness Biology
06/09 Maria Vance ITSS
06/12 Bonnie Anderson Accounting
06/12 Scott Herbert Biology
06/14 Terry Lynn Hansen Facilities Management
06/15 Sarajean Velez Discoveryland Angwin
06/17 Rachelle Davis Music
06/18 Gladys Muir Nursing
06/20 Roxanne Josse Nursing
06/22 Bruce Rasmussen Music
06/22 Leticia Russell Academic Administration
06/23 Matthew Andrieux Facilities Management
06/23 Michelle Kendrick Student Finance
06/24 Alex Nogochi Computer Science
06/26 JoAnn Bowen President’s Office
06/26 Helene Linzau Nursing
06/26 Vicki Saunders Nutrition
06/26 Cambria Wheeler Public Relations
06/27 Laurie Parson Nursing
06/29 Carrie White Alumni & Advancement
06/30 Monte Butler Social Work
06/30 Fredrick Whiteside Student Finance

July Birthdays

07/01 David Bell Business Administration
07/04 Young-Chun Kim Religion
07/04 Lynn Wheeler Music
07/05 Doris Morgan Nursing
07/06 Art Goulard Landscape
07/08 Robert Wilson Chemistry
07/09 Keira Scowcroft Land Management
07/10 Jennifer Tyner Public Relations
07/10 Dale Withers Facilities Management
07/12 Avery Lay Enrollment
07/13 Karen Brown Discoveryland St. Helena
07/15 Mayra Bradley Religion
07/17 David Vye ITSS
07/17 Alejandrina Barcenas College Market
07/20 Lorie Johns Nursing
07/22 Rafael Benavides Custodial
07/22 Jessica Kegley Student Finance
07/23 Shaune Williamson President’s Office
07/24 Bonnie Baer Nursing
07/25 John Nunes Business Administration
07/28 Laura Gore Counseling Center
07/28 Alisa Jacobo Social Work
07/28 Elaine Neudeck Exercise Science
07/28 Phillip Saulsbury Facilities Management

August Birthdays

08/01 Jan Wood Women’s Dorm
08/02 Holly Jeske Wellness
08/04 Kristi Horn Women’s Dorm
08/04 Michelle Rai Communication
08/07 Joan Hughson Nursing
08/08 Michael Bugbee ITSS
08/10 Ana Saldana Discoveryland St. Helena
08/11 Benjamin Speegle Service, Justice, & Missions
08/15 Pat Withers Chevron
08/16 Maritza Delgado Albion
08/16 Gabriel Navarro Aviation
08/18 Lunelle Bertresse Women’s Dorm
08/18 Rodney Hardcastle Business Administration
08/18 Katie Keener Discoveryland St. Helena
08/19 Rosemary Collins Communication
08/19 Levi Gore Nursing
08/19 Mika Horinouchi Discoveryland Angwin
08/21 Joshua Reyes Men’s Dorm
08/22 Dave Lawrence Financial Administration
08/24 Gabriel Rotella Accounting
08/27 Byron Claiborne ITSS
08/31 Karen Roth Planned Giving

September Birthdays

09/01 Elias Mulleta Custodial
09/02 Jordan Thornburgh Enrollment
09/02 Jolie Trogdon Accounting
09/03 Roy Benton Math
09/04 Fiona Bullock Social Work
09/04 Cara Kirk Human Resources
09/06 Cesar Garcia Facilities Management
09/06 Beverly Helmer Counseling Center
09/07 Jean Buller Education
09/08 Ted Mihm Student Finance
09/08 Plerm Sample Library
09/08 Robin Vance Biology
09/09 Steve Waters Math
09/10 John Collins Asset Management
09/10 Georgina Hill English
09/11 James Burville ITSS
09/12 Aimee Wyrick-Brownworth Biology
09/13 Clestian Andrieux Trash Management
09/13 Linda Gill English
09/14 Lindsay Petersen Women’s Dorm
09/14 Rajeev Sigamoney Visual Arts
09/16 Jon Falconer ITSS
09/16 Edgar Perez Men’s Dorm
09/17 Ericka Ramirez Discoveryland St. Helena
09/18 Linda Atkins College Market
09/20 Jim Roy Education
09/21 Janet Borisevich English
09/21 Marcia Toledo Business Administration
09/21 Laurie Wheeler Student Finance
09/22 John Milholland Facilities Management
09/22 Michael Scott Women’s Dorm
09/23 Carolina R Martinez Women’s Dorm
09/24 Jackie Lewis Discoveryland Angwin
09/24 James Robertson Physics
09/24 Amy Webster Discoveryland
09/28 Bob Paulson Exercise Science
09/29 Lloyd Best Math