Michelle Rai attended the Digital PR Summit hosted by PR News in San Francisco on February 5.  The summit was a one-day immersion in best practices in social media, media relations, and crisis management.


Linda Gill has recently published an article entitled “Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey:  Narrative, Empowerment, Gender and Religion.”  This article deals with, among other things, Austen’s use of rhetorical devices to disempower the heroine of her own novel, while pointing to herself as the God-like author.  The article highlights both the parodic and serious themes of the novel, showing how Austen has manipulated the fictional narrative.  The article will be published in the Fall 2014 issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal.


J.R. Rogers and Jennifer Tyner attended combined meetings of the Joint Marketing Committee and Executive Committee of the Adventist Enrollment Association in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 28 and 29. The AEA is made up of the enrollment management personnel of the Adventist colleges and universities in the North America. The Joint Marketing Committee, an effort of the Association of Adventist Colleges and Universities, works to market Adventist higher education. Learn more.

Enrollment and Public Relations

In early February, the Enrollment and Public Relations teams celebrated the hard launch of PUC’s new admissions website, which is a great new way to share the college with potential students. Send friends and family to www.puc.edu/admissions to show off what makes the campus great. The mobile-friendly site features lots of videos, infographics, and imagery and was created over many months of research, writing, and design.

Facilities Management

Ashley Betancourt, Harold Mills, and Dale Withers attended two free, day-long SchoolDude seminars this winter.  The three of them are thrilled with the SchoolDude program and hope everyone else on campus is as well.  These local seminars have helped facilities management generate new ideas about how to run their system more effectively. If you have a maintenance request, visit the SchoolDude system to submit it. FMD personnel will respond promptly to address your issue or concern.


Asher Raboy finished a new piece of music for his wife, “My Love By the Ocean:  A Love Song for Katy.”  The two of them premiered the piece at the faculty recital on February 1, with Asher on the piano and Katy on the violin.  The piece will be played again with new orchestration on April 27 in Paulin Hall.  Katy will again solo, but the Orchestra Institute Napa Valley Fellows will accompany her on string quartet and harp.

The February 1 faculty recital featured the talents of the music professors, including Rachelle Davis, who played two works with Katy Raboy and Joy Fackenthall (who also soloed), Lynn Wheeler and Asher Raboy on piano, Bruce Rasmussen on organ, and LeRoy Peterson and Jeanine Keller with music from the Emerald Isle.

Staff of the Month

Dale Withers of the facilities management department was honored as January’s Staff of the Month.  According to his colleagues, he has been a major catalyst in bringing the facilities management department together to work as a team, and his work on campus is extraordinary.  “Dale’s knowledge of the inner workings and history of the PUC campus and community are unsurpassed,” said Harold Mills, assistant facilities director.  “Over the past 30 years he has become a valuable and dedicated part of PUC.  He is called ‘the answer man’ because he is always available with any information needed to support the mission of PUC.”  Office manager Ashley Betancourt added, “he’s a great administrator, but he’s also not afraid to get down in the mud and get the job done if he needs to.  It is an honor to work for someone who appreciates me and values me as a member of the team.”