Information Technology

Off-Campus Dialing Instructions

PUC operates on a PRE-PAID system. Before you can make a call using your PSC Code(Personal Security Code), (obtained at ITSS), you will need to make a trip to the Financial Administration Bldg., and at the Cashier's Window, (to the right, after entering the front door) request to deposit funds on your telephone account. (minimum of $1.00) After you deplete the funds from your account, your PSC Code will be un-usable until you deposit additional funds onto your account.

On-Campus Dialing: Pick up receiver and dial a 4-digit extension.XXXX
Local Off-Campus Dialing:9-XXX-XXXX-PSC
Long Distance Dialing:9-Area Code-XXX-XXXX-PSC
800 # Dialing:9-1-8XX-XXX-XXXX-PSC

After you have received your PSC Code and deposited money on your phone account: Pick up receiver and dial 9 + number At the 3 short "beeps", enter your PSC code Your call will go through as dialed and your account will be debited at the time of disconnect.

Notes & Helpful Hints:

  • Use only "1" when dialing 800 #'s.
  • Some area codes are already programmed into our telephone equipment, so if you here the 3 "beeps", before you finish dialing your number, it is likely that the area code has already been programmed into our equipment.
  • To check your call detail and telephone account balance, go to .
FIRE, EMERGENCY & AMBULANCE911, 9-911 or 7111
ON CAMPUS CALLSDial 4-digit number listed on PUC Directory
(Angwin, Deer Park, St. Helena, Calistoga, Yountville)
9 + number + PSC Code
707 AREA CODE CALLS9 + number + PSC Code
LONG DISTANCE DIRECT DIALING9 + area code + number + PSC Code
If your 800 # is not listed or does not work, please contact Telecommunications, at ext. 7000, and report what 800 # is not working.
AT&T: 9 + 1 + 800 + 2255 + 288
MCI: 9 + 800 + 888 + 8000
SPRINT: 9 + 800 + 277 + 7468
Direct Dialing9 + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number + (wait 10-15 seconds for tones) + PSC Code
Operator Assisted (Calling card, collect, person to person)24 + 00
TOLL FREE CALLS (800 NUMBERS)9 + 1 + 800 + number + PSC Code
UNBLOCKED 800 NUMBERS9 + 800 + number
UNBLOCKED 888 NUMBERS9 + 888 + number
LOCAL DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE (Toll Charge Applies)9 + 707 + 555 + 1212 + PSC Code
LONG DISTANCE DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE (Toll Charge Applies)9 + area code + 555 + 1212 + PSC Code

Rates Nationwide:.10 cents
Daytime3.33 cents for the first minute
1.05 cents for each additional minute
Evening2.33 cents for the first minute
.73 cents for each additional minute
Night and Weekends1.33 cents for the first minute
.42 cents for each additional minute

The rates for local toll calls can be found on page A20 of the Napa Valley Phone Book. If you need International Rates, please see our International Rates Schedule.


  • Single Ring = On-Campus Call
  • Double Ring = Off-Campus Call
  • Broken Dial Tone = You have messages in your Phone Mail box

How to deal with Unwanted Calls

State and federal laws prohibit anyone from making obscene or harassing calls. The penalty is imprisonment or a fine. If you ever receive such calls:

  1. Hang up at the first obscene word or if the caller remains silent after the second time you say hello.
  2. Don't talk to the caller or give any information.
  3. Hang up and call 7111 immediately. Be ready to tell the day and hour of each call, the caller's gender, voice, accent and comments. Also if it was an on-campus call (single ring), or an off-campus call (double ring).

It is the policy of PUC that NO ONE is to participate in ANY promotion that would involve the disclosure of any of the PUC telephone numbers. PLEASE DO NOT give out your dorm room number, or ANY PUC telephone number to ANY telemarketer, sales promoter, and/or anyone that will use the telephone number(s) for billing purposes. Such situations will result in disciplinary action.

NOTE: To ensure your privacy, it is strongly recommended that you NOT give out your PSC Code to ANYBODY! A prudent policy is to treat you PSC code as you would your credit card number.

The use of the telephone to deliver malicious, obscene, and/or life threatening telephone calls, is not only inappropriate, but also illegal, and WILL prompt PUC to involve the local law enforcement agencies, to bring such individuals under direct prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Still Need Help? – Call ITSS @ Ext. 7000