Human Resources

How Wellness Works

Program Timeline

Complete the annual in-office screening and online assessment in either period 1 or 2 and within 10 to 14 months of your last screening to remain in the program.

  • June 1 – November 30 - Period 1: Participate in wellness activities & log them in
  • November 30 - Deadline for completion of 300 points for Period 1
  • End of December - Reimbursement through payroll
  • December 1 – May 31 - Period 2: Participate in wellness activities & log them in
  • May 31, 2012 - Deadline for completion of 300 points for Period 2
  • End of June  - Reimbursement through payroll

The Online Program

Access the online wellness program:

  • Method 1: Go to
  • Method 2: From, go to Campus Services, then Human Resources, then Employee Wellness.
  • Select the appropriate subgroup (PUC Employees, or HME).
  • Register as a new user or log in. If you forget your login you may easily reset your password with the “I forgot my password” link on the login page. (If you attempt to log in unsuccessfully more that two times in a row, you will be “locked out,” until the Wellness Coordinator can reset it for you.  Please RESET your password if you forgot it, to save you time and frustration.)

Navigate the Health and Wellness program:

  • On the home page, click the blue bar labeled “Assess Your Health Now.” OR under “My Health Tools,” click “Personal Wellness Profile” to complete your online assessment.  Biometric data will be entered by Wellness staff after the completion of your in-office screening.  Save your assessment at the save prompt.  You must complete the assessment within 2 weeks of your screening appointment.
  • During your screening appointment, your clinical values and fitness test results will be entered on your assessment under the heading “Health Test.” At that time, you will be able to review your entire report and set your program goals.
  • Click “Health Activity Tracker” to begin logging your credits by choosing your activities:
  • Click “ Report Activities Completed This Month”  then select each category to fill in your data or select from drop-down menus to achieve the minimums credits.
    • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Healthy Nutrition
    • Exercise & Fitness
    • Stress Management and Reduction
    • Wellness Events & Activities
  • Click on “Reports of My Activities” to get “Your Activity Summary” for the current Wellness period (June1 to November 30 OR December 1 to May 31)
  • Logging your activities on the wellness website is THE way you track the 300 credits to complete eligibility for your wellness rebate.

Accumulating your “CREDITS”

The average Health Activity Tracker Credits recorded by PUC employees from Dec. 2012 to May 2013 was 722 Credits!  An impressive 88% of PUC Employee participants recorded over 400 Credits each!

Thank you for taking Wellness to the NEXT LEVEL.  This year we will continue to track our Healthy Activities with the modest minimum of 300 credits each six-month period (that’s an average of just 50 credits per month) with the following balanced lifestyle credit distribution minimums:

  • 75 credits (once/year) for the Annual Online Assessment & In-Office Screening
  • 50 Healthy Eating credits
  • 50 Fitness & Exercise credits
  • 50 Stress Management credits
  • The balance of your credits can be accumulated in the categories of your choice to achieve the 300+ credit total. 

Annual Wellness Screening

The Annual Wellness Screening includes the following:

  • Your “Personal Wellness Profile” online assessment should be completed within the 7 days before your in-office screening.
  • Electronic Body Composition Analysis
  • Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides*
  • Blood Glucose* and  HbA1c %*
  • Hemoglobin*
  • Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
  • Step-fit  with Recovery Heart Rate(3 minutes)
  • Height & Waist
  • Curlups (commonly known as crunches: 2 minutes)
  • Pushups (unlimited time frame, gender adjusted)
  • Sit & Reach flexibility test
  • Hand Grip test

These exercises may be completed in loose-fitting work clothes. No special attire is required but you may wish to bring suitable shoes for the 3-minute step test.

*These tests require a finger prick and a total of 50 microliters of blood, during our in-office screening.  If you prefer, they may be taken by a third-party provider and submitted to the Wellness Office by fax at 965-6240, or you may drop off a photocopy to be used in lieu of the biometrics screening offered free from the Wellness Dept. (only if they have been completed within the 4 months prior to your screening date)   Free retests for lab values may be scheduled at the Wellness Office at no extra charge up to three additional times per year for those with borderline or high-risk results.