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Lab Coordinator

Job Type:
Staff Job Opening

Biology Department

Position Type:

Hiring Date:
Mid June 2015

Wage Rate:
$15.36 - $18.66 (plus denominational benefits, depending upon qualifications and experience)

Reporting to the Chair of the Biology Department, duties include:  (1) Assist in managing the laboratory programs (including summer) for Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Introduction to Biology, Biological Foundations, General Microbiology, and occasionally other labs under the direction of the faculty member in charge including:  coordinate the preparation of all chemical supplies and equipment for lab each week; personally supervise lab sections each week; personally supervise and train lab instructors; assist faculty and student instructors during lab wherever needed; assist with clean-up of materials and equipment; (2) Manage the Biology Department stockroom including: ordering, inventory, and dispensing of chemical supplies and equipment; assess and care for all laboratory program supply needs; work with the biology department safety officer to maintain a safe enviroment (3) Manage the timekeeping for the Department; (4) Assist with Department security.   (5) Plan and coordinate social functions including Biology Department pre-vespers.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • B.S. in Biology or relevant science
  • Knowledge of equipment used in Biology labs
  • Able to supervise lab students and student workers
  • Experience with computers:  Windows applications including network,  spreadsheet and graphics programs
  • Able to work well with and motivate others
  • Good organizational skills Self-starter

Application Deadline:
Upon receipt of qualified application.



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