Nichol Hall

Nichol Hall is the newest of the three men's residence halls. Situated in a forest of pine and fir above the main campus, this two-story building houses approximately 80 men each year. All of the 46 rooms are furnished with carpet, drapes, beds, air conditioners and heating units. Each pair of rooms shares a private bathroom facility. Nichol has a kitchen facility equipped with an oven, stove, microwave, and small storage lockers for protecting your leftover pizza. Laundry and vending machines add to the convenience of living on the hill. And for pursuits academic and otherwise, Nichol residents can also take advantage of the fiber optic computer network that links each room, providing students with convenient access to the library, their professors, and the internet.

While Nichol was designed to house older students and upperclassmen, it does have a small amount of space available for first-year students. The purpose of the dorm is to offer the serious student a place to live in the woods, with minimal disruptions to sleep or study at all times. Acceptance to live in Nichol is based on class standing, date of room deposit, and willingness to live by the Nichol code of conduct.

If you are interested in living in Nichol Hall or want more information about residence hall life at PUC, contact Nichol Hall at (707) 965-6101 or Dean Jim Boyd at (707) 965-7203.

Meet Dean Boyd

Jim Boyd, PUC’s Dean of Men and dean of Nichol Hall, radiates American tradition. When he speaks it sounds like the voice of another generation, like hard work and self-reliance. His office is decorated with models of wooden ships and American flags inscribed with maxims from a bygone era promoting things like discipline and honesty.

Boyd graduated from PUC in 1970 with a B.S. in physical education and a minor in biology. After graduating, he was drafted into the Army. He served in a project called “White Coats,” a medical research program, rather than being sent to Vietnam.

After leaving military service, he worked part time at PUC, teaching PE and eventually becoming the dean of Newton Hall. He worked there 16 years before taking over at Nichol, where he oversees upperclassmen who have retreated from the main campus for more quiet study time. “’I have a lot of guys tell me when they get to be juniors and seniors, 'I’m ready to settle down and study,’” he laughs. “I think that once guys get into college they need to start growing and taking responsibilities for their own actions.”

Boyd and his wife Pat have four children and seven grandchildren. And when he’s not tending to them or his duties on campus, he likes to spend his time exactly how you might expect: He umpires youth and high school baseball. Anyone suddenly get a craving for apple pie?

Nichol Hall

Pacific Union College
One Angwin Avenue
Angwin, CA 94508

Phone: (707) 965-6101

Jim Boyd
Dean of Men
(707) 965-7203 | jpboyd@puc.edu