Pre-Medical Program


The pre-medical program at Pacific Union College is the course of study for students aspiring to be medical doctors. PUC has a reputation for its quality pre-medical program and very high acceptance rates (in the top ten percent in the nation) to medical school for its graduates.

Pre-medical students from PUC typically apply to and are accepted at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. However, a significant number of PUC students are also accepted at other medical schools. PUC students with above average scholarship, motivation and MCAT scores are typically accepted.

The Pre-medical Handbook details the requirements and recommendations for entering graduate programs and the field of medicine. Prospective students interested in learning more about the pre-medical program can also contact either of the pre-medical advisors. Please note that inquiries during the summer months may receive delayed responses.

This site details the requirements and recommendations for planning your collegiate courses and entering graduate programs and the field of medicine. In addition to this site, students should seek information from their PUC pre-medical advisor, the PUC Career and Counseling Center, and the admissions offices of medical schools they are interested in attending.

Pre-medical Group E-mail Messages

On-campus pre-medical students can join a group that receives pertinent information and answers to general interest questions by e-mail. New students setting up e-mail accounts at Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) can request to be added to the Pre-med Group.