Pre-Medical Program

Senior Year

Application Duties

It is during the senior year that the student applies to medical school. The application is best completed by the first of September.

As the autumn quarter begins, you should request a recommendation from the PUC Medical Recommendations Committee. This is done by obtaining a form from the Academic Dean's Office.

Again, as the autumn quarter begins, make an appointment at the Counseling Center for an interview with the associate dean for admissions from Loma Linda University Medical Center. You must have a full copy of your AMCAS application in hand when you go into see him, as he will ask to see it.

Request that a full transcript of your grades be sent to the medical schools that you are applying to, after each quarter of your senior year.

The first admissions committee meetings at Loma Linda University School of Medicine occur in mid November, and the first acceptances are sent out sometime after the beginning of Christmas break. Almost all applicants will have been notified by the end of April.

What to Do While Waiting for an Acceptance

It is important not to slack off in your classes when you have been accepted. If your grades drop significantly during your senior year, it could jeopardize your acceptance.

This is a time to complete your major and prepare for graduation. Make sure you complete all remaining classes needed to graduate. Check with the records office if you need assistance.

If you are a non-science major, you may wish to take some additional science courses to help you prepare for medical school classes. See Useful Courses.

If you are a science major, consider taking some non-science classes in areas that interest you.

Be sure to give yourself time to enjoy your classmates.