Pre-Medical Program

Required Courses

In addition to the requirements for your major you must also complete specific classes required by the medical school(s) to which you wish to apply. The following are courses required or recommended by Loma Linda University Medical School. A list of medical school requirements for all U.S. and Canadian medical schools is found at and in the book Medical School Admission Requirements (on reserve in the library).

Required courses, recommended courses and scenarios for premed science requirements are currently undergoing revision for students taking the MCAT in 2015 or later. Please see your premed advisor for more information.

Required courses

  • One year of Biological Foundations (BIOL 111-112-113)
  • One year of General Chemistry (CHEM 111-112-113)
  • One year of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 371-372-373)
  • One year of General Physics (PHYS 111-112-113)
  • English and Religion (equivalent to satisfy baccalaureate degree requirement).

Recommended courses

  • Biochemistry I (CHEM 381)
  • Introduction to Statistics (MATH 122)
  • In addition, keyboard and computer skills are considered essential.


Because an adequate math background is necessary for successful completion of General Chemistry, you should have completed Algebra I and Algebra II in high school or MATH 106 at PUC. It is recommended that if you lack this level of math for General Chemistry, you complete MATH 106 no later than by the end of the autumn quarter of the year that General Chemistry is taken.

Students who have not completed high school chemistry may wish to consider enrolling in CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry.

Be sure to attend the general meeting with the Associate Dean for Admissions from Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Information about medicine in general and Loma Linda University School of Medicine in specific is typically given. Plan to come to this meeting with questions. There will be time to speak to the dean personally if you so desire. A personal interview is not necessary for the freshman student and is generally not recommended. The general meeting typically occurs in October and May.