Pre-Dental Program


The pre-dental program is the course of study for students who plan to enter the dentistry field. PUC has a reputation for its excellent pre-dentistry program and very high acceptance rates to dental school for its graduates.

Fast Facts

  • There are more than 161,000 active dentists in the U.S. today.
  • According to a Gallup Poll, dentistry is the second most respected profession in America. Dentists were rated high in terms of honesty and ethical standards.
  • Amost all dentists are in private practice.
  • A USA Today survey reported that more adults were satisfied with services received from dentists than from any other profession.
  • Dental offices were the third highest ranking category of start-up businesses most likely to survive.
  • Today, 100 million people have dental benefit plans. Private dental insurance accounted for 44.4 percent of the nation's expenditures for dental care.
  • Among dentists out of dental school less than four years, about 42 percent own their own practice; by six years after graduation, this figure increases to 53 percent.
  • About 88 percent of all dentists practice less than 40 hours a week, seeing an average of 83 patients per week.
  • The total applicant pool has increased sharply in recent years (Loma Linda University had 1997 applicants for 93 spots in freshman class of 2008).