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The visual arts encompass a variety of art forms that are created for visual experience, such as in painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design and film. On the surface, the visual arts appear to be a method of personal expression fueled solely by aesthetic values. However, art has long served as not only visual decoration, but also as a record of history, a reflection of culture, and a social commentary of the times.

Today, the visual arts continue to be an exciting vehicle for individual expression and communication. Along with more traditional forms, visual art has expanded to include mediums that emerged from technological advancements, such as photography, film and television, and graphic design. The visual arts have also grown to offer a variety of rewarding careers.

The Pacific Union College Department of Visual Arts has a comprehensive program that gives students a good balance between a strong major emphasis and an excellent liberal arts background. This provides the student with a broad base of knowledge to draw from–an important key to success. In fact, many PUC students select a major in visual arts to balance or enhance other career goals from dentistry to religion.

Fast Facts

  • Educational opportunities are enhanced by some of the best cultural advantages and natural beauty of any college in America. PUC's proximity to the Napa Valley and San Francisco allows students to experience the art exhibitions and cultural events that occur continually in the area.
  • The visual arts department goes on several trips every year to visit museums in the San Francisco Bay area including the SF Museum of Modern Art, the de Young Museum, & the Palace of Legion of Honor.
  • Students have won national awards including a film and television student who won first place in the National Geographic PSA contest.
  • Our film students have interned at Dreamworks, Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope, & HBO.
  • The Rasmussen Art Gallery at PUC presents a variety of art exhibitions each year. These include historically significant art, new contemporary works and shows by PUC faculty and students.

Visual Arts

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