Psychology & Social Work

Social Work Forum

The Social Work Forum is organized for all majors, prospective majors, and others who are interested in social work.  The Forum provides an opportunity for socialization and association with others of the same professional interests and goals. 

The Social Work Forum is a registered club on campus and while it is sponsored by the social work program, it is organized and operated by the students.  The Social Work Forum advisor is a social work faculty member appointed by the Program Director.  The advisor meets regularly with the officers to provide guidance and consultation.

Projects that the forum has been involved in include:


Each year the forum sponsor invites an actively involved social work major to serve as forum president. The president then works to fill other offices social work majors who are willing to make a one year commitment to one of the forum positions.


  • Represents students on the Social Work Advisory Board.
  • Schedules, plans and leads officers' meetings.
  • Provides Program Director with input or student representation on various projects.


  • Manages Angwin Food Pantry food distribution process.
  • Assists President with activities and projects, as delegated.
  • Assumes President's duties and responsibilities during absence.
  • May chair various subcommittees as assigned. Must provide effective follow-through.


  • Coordinates Club fundraising activities.
  • Provides documentation of club and officers' meetings.
  • Maintains financial records for the Angwin Food Pantry.
  • Monitors Social Work Club account at the Business Office. This includes an accurate accounting of credits and debits.

Social Vice/Pastor

  • Provides leadership in the development and scheduling of activities and projects, and providing encouragement for student participation in scheduled activities.
  • Coordinates worships for the Club.
  • Processes paperwork for worship credit through Student Services.

Public Relations/Editor

  • Assists Social Vice with planning of Club activities and projects.
  • Provides notification to social work majors of upcoming events, activities and projects. Must keep accurate list of majors, with addresses and telephone numbers, in coordination with the Program Director.
  • Publicizes ways for students, faculty, and staff to support the Angwin Food Pantry.
  • Promotes social work club activities.
  • May publish a social work newsletter.