Psychology & Social Work

Psi Chi Honor Society

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS). The PUC chapter of Psi Chi was established in 1981. Psi Chi is designed to both reward the member for his or her scholastic achievement and to help promote still greater accomplishments. Membership in Psi Chi is lifelong, and indicates to the world-wide psychological community a deep and abiding interest in psychological research, theory and practice.

Criteria for membership are:

  • Completion of at least five quarters of college
  • Completion of 14 quarter hours of psychology credit (must have a PSYC prefix)
  • Registration for major or minor standing in Psychology
  • Minimum cumulative college GPA in the upper third of your class (usually around 3.4)
  • Payment of a one-time, lifetime membership dues fee to the national organization of $45.00. There is also an annual local membership fee of $10.00.

The PUC Chapter of Psi Chi also functions as the Departmental Psychology Club. With only a few exceptions, Psychology majors can participate in chapter activities even if they do not meet the criteria for membership in the Honor’s Society. Each year Psi Chi/Psychology Club organizes academic, professional and social activities designed to increase and deepen students' familiarity with psychological issues and prepare for future graduate study and work. Common activities include:

  • Trip to the Western Psychological Association Convention in the Spring
  • Symposium on applying to graduate school in psychology
  • Pre-vespers in Faculty homes
  • Service Projects
  • Film/video discussion nights (view and critically discuss films with psychological themes)
  • Attend plays and presentations with psychological themes in the Bay Area
  • Sponsor annual Research Symposium (presentation of student research)
  • Fund raising activities

News and Upcoming Psi Chi Events

  • Psi Chi inducted six new members during the 2009-2010 year. New Inductees were: Marlin El Fondevilla, Janae Hellie, Melinda Joseph, Fabienne Leaf, Allison Musvosvi and Amanda Sanchez. Officers for the 2010-2011 year were also elected. Congratulations to Fabienne Leaf, President, Marlin El Fondevilla, Vice-president, Amanda Sanchez, Treasurer, and Allison Musvosvi, , Secretary. The Faculty Sponsor is Professor Aubyn Fulton.
  • The highlight of 2009-10 was the PA conference held in beautiful Cancun, Mexico in April. The club worked hard all year to raise money to subsidize hotel rooms, led by President Lisa Davison and Event Coordinator Fabienne Leaf. The hard work paid off, as we had great rooms in a resort hotel located right on the Caribbean beach. Students laid out, went snorkeling, explored the nearby ruins and sampled the local culture. They also attended the meetings of course, and had the chance to meet, talk with and take pictures with Dr. Phil Zimbardo. Two student presentations were made by a total of 9 PUC students supervised by Dr. Charlene Bainum, and Professor Christian Von Pohle presented a paper as well. We also attended presentations by recent alumni Cara Tan and Priscilla Miranda.
  • The deadline for submission of papers to the next annual convention of the Western Psychological Association (April 28-May 1, 2011 in Los Angeles, California) is November 15, 2010.

Membership of the PUC Chapter of Psi Chi (by induction date)

2009 Members
Marlin El Fondevilla - Janae Hellie - Melinda Joseph - Fabienne Leaf - Allison Musvosvi - Amanda Sanchez

2008 Members
Amy Bellinghausen - Christopher Chung - Juliane Da Silva - Laura Fink - Daniel Opperman - Lisa Reynolds - Benjamin Silber - Andrew Webster - Paul Yang

2007 Members
Zachary Benton - Cara Tan

2006 Members
Stephanie Beck - Miljoy Gallego - Priscilla Miranda - Georgiana Tutu

2005 Members
Aric Fehr - Jason Richards - Christian Von Pohle

2004 Members
Kate Anderson - Cody Bullock - Nancy Issa - Christina Lewis - Lavonne Meadows - Jacqueline Raines - Jeniffer Sicalo - Staci Wade

2003 Members
Jill Breitmaier - Julie Ching - Elizabeth Stockdale - Katrina Tieche - Bonnie Wagner

2002 Members
Krista Lamberton - Iram Leon - Anna Lopez - Jennifer Loughlin - Amanda Parker - Olivia Roth - Tim Smith - Anna Strange

2001 Members
Erik Anderson - Erin Bartsch - Joey Chen - Jonathan Kim - Susie Kim - Clive Kulasekere - Michelle Meadows - Richelin Veluz - Jeannie Yoon

2000 Members
Laura Aagaard - Shelly Bokoles - Doylene Chan - Timothy Hill - Jennie Lee - Eric Price - Lavonne Scroggs - Emily Ziegler

1999 Members
Heather J. Lackey - Sharoness A. Quinata - Robert James Rovetti - Eva Marie Salas - Priscilla Ann Thio - Kristi Lynne Tungesvik - Janine L. Walter - Melissa Lynn Ward

1998 Members
Sheldon T. Anderson - Esther J. Chambi - Mervyn Deganos - Tamber Snarr - Alla Titkova

1997 Members
Sasha N. Baier - Bill Barreto - Kathyrine Ignacio Caraig - Sunshine E. Clark - Nicole K. Gleason - Maile Sookchung Kim - Julie Z. Lee - Jose M. Ramirez

1996 Members
Deanne Atchison - Marla Berry - Julianna George - Ekwenzi Gray - Daren Khoo - Michelle Yumi Lee - David Pizarro - Linda Schultz - Anupama Shani - Grace Yuh

1995 Members
Judith E. Anderson - Ryan L. Frazier - Joy Michelle Gardner - Douglas Richard Johnson - John Mark Meadows - Lisa R. Mitchell - Vivian E. Sanchez - Andrea Suzanne Wagner - Michele M. Wong

1994 Members
John William Keighley III - Renee Danielle Thomas - Timothy Ueng

1993 Members
Gregory Scott Aaen - Dana L. Alexander - Gregory Ballard - Denise Leanne Dyer - Laura R. Gilbert - Sean Eric Koon

1992 Members
Krista Marie Adams - Karen Jennine Balli - Melissa J. Brotton - Richard Broyer - Rosarin Kriengprarthana - Joelle Lyn Reed - Arlene J. Valenzuela

1991 Members
Lance E. Dacre - Julie K Munroe - Jill Kristin Smith - Jennifer Christina Stiles

1990 Members
Lisa Marie Allen - Kelly S. Bronson - April Louise Hartman - Douglas P.L. Marlow - Kerri Lee Robertson - Julie A. Wells

1989 Members
Luana Jeanne Billings - Richard J. Campbell - Jill Renee Chrispens - Aubyn S. Fulton - Memrose Patricia Gonzales - Sheila Marie Hodgson - Angela Mikyung Jo - Daniel D. Kim - Candace Jean Kober - Janya R. Lee - Earl B. Quijada - Kelee N. Siperko

1987 Members
Tom Kent Denmark - Marilyn H. Kimura - Deborah Darlene Lewis - Ramona Marie Love - Frederic S. Santos - Timothy John Tautz - Steven Charles Valenti - Ronald C. Whiting

1985 Members
Hilton Raymond Raethel

1984 Members
H. Hellen Chung - John A. Johnson - Alisa J. Proctor

1983 Members
Elizabeth Brandstater - July T. Cundari - Linda Joy Littlefield - Giovanni P. Rolla - Deborah Dawn Stake - Jon Wheeler - Lisa S. Wilcox

1982 Members
Karen E. Anderson - Robert Bruce Campbell - Sylvia R. Cramer - Harold Wayne Hopp - Helen Patricia Hopp - Karen Michelle Hughes - Vonnett E. Klotz - Denise Richard - Lisa J. Weston - Larry Warren Wilkins - Mark David Zimmerman

1981 Members (Charter Members)
Cythia K. Andres - Charlene Kubo Bainum - Bruce David Bainum - Rosalind C. Black - Robin Lee Blair - Anthony Francis Brady - Gloria M. Burima-Siperko - Ruth Hyun-Bee Chung - Denise Eileen Dick - Tanya Michelle Dootoff Jody Leisla Glenn - Glenn A. Elmer Griffin - Bonnie Y. Ito - Scott Steven Izes - Mark Richard Jewett - Bo Lee - Karen Isabel Madgwick - Horst K. Maerzke - Linda S. Mesing - Carolyn Mason Moller - CathleenAnn Michelle Nelson - Alyson Anne Rice - James Andrew Rossi - Gregory A. Schneider - Amy M. Snyder - Brenda Ann Thompson - Donna Lynn Toth - Lori Robyn Tucker - Carolyn Marie Vota - Willard C. Jr. Weissman - Ruth Ann Welke - Evaline E. West - Adrian Zytkoskee