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The Honors Program invites students to participate in an academically prestigious course of study rooted in the Great Books tradition. Integrating core texts with art, music, and film, the program models a holistic approach to learning. The aim is to have students embark on a lifetime of reading, rigorous thinking, and ethical development. The Honors Program introduces questions that are both timeless in their philosophical and spiritual development and timely in their relevance to the issues we face today.

Participation in the Honors Program replaces the traditional General Education requirements with a rich curriculum of cross-disciplinary seminars. Seminars are often team-taught by professors, and students of every discipline on campus interact through the process of intellectual and spiritual discovery. The seminars are not lectures, but provocative discussions that engage professors and students in creating an arena of progressive thought on campus.

The program invites motivated, articulate, and intellectually courageous individuals to join our quota of 25 students each fall. This is a program for the innately curious who seek to enlarge a deep spiritual commitment to God and wish to prepare their lives for service to humankind in a profound way.


  • a minimum 3.5 high school CPI (core GPA)
  • four years of high school English, two of history, three of mathematics (including Algebra II), and a year of biology, chemistry, and physics (or equivalents); deficiencies can be made up while in the program
  • strong writing skills
  • minimum ACT composite score of 24 and/or SAT composite score of 1740
  • self-motivation
  • intellectual curiosity

Applying to the Honors Program

Honors Program freshmen enrollment is limited to 25 students per year. You can fill out our online application. You can also request an application by mail by calling (707) 965-6610 or e-mailing honors@puc.edu.


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One Angwin Avenue
Angwin, CA 94508

Phone: (707) 965-6612
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