Heather Reid, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Office: Stauffer Hall

Phone: (707) 965-6608

Faculty Since: 2008

Ph.D., University of Victoria, British Columbia
M.A. English, University of Victoria, British Columbia, 2003
B.A. English, Minors Art, Writing, Canadian Union College, 1997

Heather Reid specializes in Later Medieval English Literature with a focus on Female Patronage, Women’s Writing, and the theological implications of the Bride-of-Christ Tradition in later medieval thought. Her interests include the study of paleography and the dissemination of fifteenth century English manuscripts that have connections to the West Midlands. She recently published a chapter on the relationship between ancient female initiation rites and the Christian concept of mystical marriage in the Middle Ages, and is preparing another for publication on the female patron and poet of the Middle English Asneth text. An active presenter at medieval conferences, Reid has been the recipient of several research fellowships and awards.
Professional Activities:


  • "Female Initiation Rites and Women Visionaries: Mystical Marriage in the Middle English Translation of 'The Storie of Asneth'." Women and the Divine in Literature Before 1700. Ed. Kathryn Kerby-Fulton. Victoria: ELS Editions, University of Victoria, 2009. 137-152.
  • Forthcoming: "Patroness of Orthodoxy: Elizabeth Berkeley, John Walton, and The Storie of Asneth, A West Midlands Devotional Text," in "Diuerse Imaginaciouns of Cristes Life": Devotional Culture in England and Beyond, 1300-1560. Eds. Stephen Kelley and Ryan Perry. UK: Brepols, 2012.


  • "Patroness of Orthodoxy: Elizabeth Berkeley and The Middle English Storie of Asneth, a West Midlands Devotional Text." June 11, 2010 – Queens University, Belfast Ireland. Geographies of Orthodoxy Project: Mapping Late Medieval Lives of Christ.
  • "The Storie of Asneth and its West Midlands Literary Connections." May 2010 - The 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI. Session: "Chaucer, Langland, and Early Book Production," sponsored by Yearbook of Langland Studies / International Piers Plowman Society.
  • "Elizabeth Berkeley: Fifteenth-Century Reader, Literary Patron, and Friend." May 11, 2008 – The 43rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI. Session Title: "Reading Circles in and out of London," sponsored by the Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame.
  • "Asneth and Other Hebrew Mothers: Salvation History and Conventual Currency in Medieval England." Dec. 6-7, 2007 – Holy Women, Holy Places: Gender, Publics, and Religion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. An interdisciplinary graduate student colloquium hosted by the Medieval and Early Modern Institute at the University of Alberta.
  • "The Story of Joseph and Cult Practice in the Ancient Near East." March 23, 2005 – Centre for Studies in Religion and Society Public Lecture Series, University of Victoria.
  • "The Jewish Hellenistic Story of Asneth, Female Initiation, and the (Ir)rational Sacred Marriage Rite in Antiquity." February 19, 2005 – CACW-CAPN Conference (Classical Association of the Canadian West –Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest): (Ir)rationality in Antiquity, Victoria, B.C.