Computer Science


Computer science encompasses the theories and techniques by which information is encoded, communicated, transformed, stored and analyzed. It deals with the design of algorithms (i.e., effective procedures) for the solution of problems; with the structure of languages for the efficient expression of these algorithms; and with computer systems (both hardware and programs) for the implementation of these languages.

The Pacific Union College Department of Computer Science provides students with the skills needed to turn ideas into a working computer system. Each student has the option of studying the details of computer science or concentrating on the uses of computers in several areas. Upon completion of the program at PUC, the graduate will be prepared to enter the job market or continue studies in graduate school.

Fast Facts

  • Graduates of our program are working for major companies such as Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and others in Silicon Valley.
  • Internships by our students have included the White House, Cisco, Microsoft, R2 Technology, and In-Q-Tel.
  • Advanced courses usually have from three to five students, offering a very favorable student to teacher ratio.

Computer Science

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