Student Opportunities

Departmental Activities

We foster good relationships with students and advisees. We are all actively involved in academic advising and special interest advising. In addition to advising chemistry majors, we advise pre-med, pre-dent, pre-pharmacy and pre-optometry majors. We hold at least one to two departmental dinners and pre-vespers each quarter, where students enjoy homemade meals and fellowship with their peers.

Student Employment

We hire between 40-50 student workers each year where students get a chance to work as lab instructors, readers, stockroom attendants or secretaries. These positions are usually given to graduate students in large universities so we are especially proud of our undergraduates and grateful for their contribution to our department. Our student workers learn valuable teaching and leadership skills through these experiences.

Chemistry Scholarships

American Institute of Chemists is awarded annually as a certificate to an outstanding senior majoring in chemistry or biochemistry. This award is given to a senior on the basis of a demonstrated record of leadership ability, character, scholastic achievement, and potential for advancement in the chemical profession. The student will receive a certificate from the American Institute of Chemists, a one-year membership in the Society, and a one-year subscription to the Society's Journal.

Richard A. Jackson Memorial Scholarship is given in memory of Richard Jackson, a chemistry major and graduate of PUC in 1983. Richard was a conscientious and faithful student employee of the chemistry department and he was exceptionally helpful and considerate person who always put others first.

A. Vernon Winn Award is given to a member of the senior class who has shown exceptional scholarship, creativity, and demonstrated ability in the laboratory or classroom management. The nominee must show proficiency and creative ability in chemistry as evidenced by the completion of a research project.

Peter E. Hare Scholarship is given to an upper division major, in good academic standing, who has distinguished himself or herself in the department.


Some of our majors obtain summer research experiences from various research institutions around the nation. They usually give a presentation of their work during Science Seminar class to inform interested potential students of their experiences. We had one graduate who enjoyed summer research experience at the National Institutes of Health so much that she delayed her first year of medical school at LLU to pursue a whole year of research at the NIH. She is still at NIH and has decided to pursue an M.D./Ph.D program.

Job Resource Center

The chemistry department has an AfterCollege job resource center online. AfterCollege helps students and graduates find part-time, internship, and full-time positions in many different areas with numerous organizations and top U.S. employers. The chemistry department's resource site lists available chemistry positions, and postings change frequently.