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Financial Information

How much will this program cost?

Application fee: $25

Tuition 2011-2012:
Textbooks included in tuition charges.
BSM program: $400 per quarter unit x 61 units = $24,400
ECE program: $400 per quarter unit x 60 units = $24,000
For financial aid applications, information and assistance, contact:

Pacific Union College
Student Finance Office
Laurie Wheeler, Director & DCP Financial Counselor

Is financial aid available?

Yes! To help meet educational expenses, we encourage students to apply for financial aid. Financial assistance is available for just about anyone who is not currently in default on a student loan. Most adult students qualify for some form of state or federal assistance, such as Cal Grant, Pell Grant, and Federal Stafford loans. The Pacific Union College 6-digit federal school code is 001258.

Many employers have employee education reimbursement programs for which students may be eligible. Students should check with their employer's human resources department to determine if such a program is available. If students qualify for a program, PUC requires proof of eligibility from their employer and their employer's preferred payment method (i.e. quarterly payments, upon presentation of passing grades).