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Degree Completion Programs

Graduation Requirements

To earn your bachelor's degree from PUC, students are required to take 192 quarter credits (128 semester credits).* These credits can be grouped into three categories:

  1. General Education—54 quarter (36 semester) credits
  2. Electives—63 quarter (42 semester) credits
  3. Major—60 quarter credits
  4. Additional ECE Requirements—15 quarter (10 semester) credits

Our program representative will work with each student to develop an individual program to meet graduation requirements.

General Education

The General Education (GE) courses help provide students with the basic tools of learning and expose students to knowledge in a range of disciplines. These courses are the foundation of what defines a liberally educated person. An outline of the GE requirements is included later in this packet. PUC has articulation agreements with local community colleges indicating which courses fulfill the GE requirements for a PUC degree. Depending on your prior formal education, students may have acquired a number of the general education requirements already. Upon receipt of transcripts, PUC will provide an analysis of which additional General Education courses are needed. Students will want to make it a priority to complete the General Education courses as part of their plan toward graduation.


Students may choose transferable elective courses that meet their career or personal interests. These courses need to be approved by PUC before they are taken to meet GE requirements.


Major courses are provided through PUC's Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. These are typically upper- division courses specific to the field of study and the degree. The 60 quarter credits of major courses amounts to just under one third of the total credits needed to earn your bachelor's degree.

The prerequisite for acceptance into PUC's degree completion program is a minimum of 90 transferable quarter credits (60 semester credits). A student who enters the program with only the minimum of transfer credits will need to accumulate roughly 40 additional quarter credits from other sources to earn a degree. The options for earning college credits toward a degree include:

  • Other regular PUC course
  • Transferable college courses from other accredited institutions, which may include:
    • Regular courses
    • Online courses
    • Correspondence courses (18 quarter credits maximum)
  • Testing: CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College Exams, PUC Challenge Exams (45 quarter credits maximum)
  • Convertible Military Training (DD214 documentation required)

Our academic advisor will work with each student to develop an individual program to meet graduation requirements.

Additional ECE Requirements

Students are required to complete 15 additional quarter credits of ECE coursework. These credits are not provided through the program.

  • Required for admission to the program:
    • Child Development (4 quarter credits)
    • Additional ECE Courses (8 quarter credits)
  • Required for graduation but not for admission:
    • Equivalent of at least 3 quarter credits of student teaching in an approved program

* Pacific Union College operates on the quarter system. Quarter credits are smaller than semester credits. To convert semester credits into quarter credits, multiply the number of semester credits by 1.5.