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Degree Completion Programs

General Ed. Requirements

Foundations of Learning

  • Rhetoric and College Writing
    • College English (ENGL 101-102) - 2 courses
    • Oral communication (Speech) - 1 course
  • Reasoning from Data (Introduction to Statistics) - 1 course

History and Social Sciences

  • History - 2 courses
  • Social Sciences–Fulfilled by the major (ECE 359) - None Additional

Arts and Humanities

  • Art or Music (must be a history or appreciation course) - 1 course
  • Literature–Fulfilled by the major (ECE 330) - None Additional

The Natural World

  • Intermediate algebra - No credit
  • Science course with a lab - 1 course

Revelation, Belief, and Action

  • Fulfilled by the major (RELB 305, RELT 310) - None Additional

Health and Fitness

  • Health Education (this course is also a cognate course for the major) - 1 course

Practical & Applied Arts

  • Listed in articulation agreements - 1 course

Remaining Coursework

Additional coursework to complete a total of 54 quarter credits of GE coursework. The coursework that you take beyond the specific requirements listed above must be distributed over at least four of the seven areas and may not include more than ten quarter credits in any one area.

* Please see the Pacific Union College General Catalog for 2010-2012, pages 25-29, for a specific listing of courses in these categories. One credit of this 20-credit requirement is fulfilled by a course required in the major.