Academic Administration

The Advising Program

Your academic advising program begins at orientation when you first enroll. An advisor will work with you in planning an academic schedule. You are required to consult with your advisor before registering each quarter.

In planning your studies, you should carefully follow the recommended sequence outlined in this catalog. At any time during your enrollment at Pacific Union College you may run a Degree Audit as a tool to make sure all the degree requirements are being met. Such planning helps to ensure that you meet all graduation requirements in an orderly, logical, and timely sequence.

A "hold" will be placed on all students' registration until they have consulted their academic advisor, who will lift the hold.

Academic Advisors
Find out which Faculty are advisors for each Academic Department.

Undeclared Students

Students who are not ready to declare a major are assigned to an advisor who will help them structure their course schedules in a way that provides an appropriate foundation for their future major course work. The advisor also helps students to look at course options that will be helpful in making a decision about the major.

Teaching Credential Advising

If you have chosen a career in teaching, you should consult with the Chair of the Education department as early as possible in your curriculum planning. You should discuss requirements for both Seventh-day Adventist and California State teaching credentials. Early identification with the elementary or secondary teaching profession as a career is essential for structuring an orderly academic program. If you are a candidate for elementary teaching, you should register your intention after one quarter in residence. If you are a transfer student, you should register your intention upon enrollment. You will be admitted to the teacher education program after your application has been approved by the Education department. Further information is available at the Education department office.

Counseling Services

The College provides career counselors who can administer and interpret interest and personality inventories. These professionals can advise about appropriate majors to pursue in preparation for certain careers. It is crucial, however, to meet with your academic advisor for specific career and degree requirements.

Academic Advising Handbook

The Academic Advising Handbook gives a complete look at programs, requirements, policies, tests, and resources.

Academic Start Guide
The Academic Start Guide provides relevant information to help you accomplish your educational goals at PUC.