About Pacific Union College
About PUC


Where is PUC located, and what is the area like?

PUC is located in the small community of Angwin, overlooking California's renowned Napa Valley. The community is known for its natural scenic beauty, and the college owns about 1,900 acres with over 30 miles of hiking and biking trails. The campus is less than 70 miles from the Pacific Coast, with the busy cultural hubs of San Francisco and Sacramento within a two-hour drive and a myriad of recreational activities within easy reach. To find out more about PUC's setting and how to find it, check out the Location section.

How big is PUC?

PUC has an enrollment of about 1,500 and a student-teacher ratio of 13:1. The main campus, which includes seven residence halls, is on about 150 acres of the college's 1,900-acre property, with the remainder being largely undeveloped and boasting over 30 miles of trails.

What majors and programs does PUC offer?

PUC offers 34 majors and 36 emphases, with a variety of B.A., B.S., and A.S. degrees, minors, pre-professional programs, a continuing education program, and a master's degree in education. To view a complete list, go to the Degrees and Programs page.

How can I visit PUC?

Anybody can schedule a visit, complete with a campus tour if desired, free meals in our cafeteria, overnight housing, and a visit with a professor in your area of interest. Just call the enrollment office at 1-800-862-7080. Academy students can also make special extended visits during our quarterly College Days.

What is the social and spiritual atmosphere at PUC?

The student community at PUC is very active, with social activities taking place both formally and informally in small and large groups across campus. From casual weeknight events at the Campus Center to full-scale music or drama productions, the social calendar is always full. When it comes to the spiritual atmosphere, the College has chosen to build its focus in this area by emphasizing an authentic faith journey. Students are constantly involved in prayer and Bible study groups and unique and varied worship services as well as a very active core of service activities and ministry groups. The chaplain, church, and administration are committed to creating an atmosphere of honest inquiry, individual experience of faith, and expressing spirituality through active service.

Why should someone come to PUC?

With a gorgeous setting, a top-notch academic program, an individualized experience enhanced by one-on-one interaction with professors, and an atmosphere of honest exploration and broadening horizons, PUC offers young people an ideal place to discover their journey.

How do I contact people at PUC?

You can call us toll-free at 800-862-7080 with any questions. Each academic department also features the contacts for its chairs and professors (see the Academics site) so that you can directly contact any department. Finally, the Campus Contacts section provides a comprehensive list of how to get in touch with people at PUC.